Starting with our very first merch item, shirt, multiple sizes, styles and colors available. We’re not trying to do anything crazy or re-invent the wheel here. We’re merely hoping to use these merch items to spur people to ask questions so we have the opportunity to share with others the benefits of crypto and blockchain technologies.

LV-CRYPTO, a Black Premium Unisex Tee
LV-CRYPTO, a Black Premium Unisex Tee (back-view)


Useful referral codes: Exchanges and more

  1. Voyager – http://investvoyager.com/
  2. Coinbase – https://www.coinbase.com/
    • $10 in free BTC (once investing $100)
      • coinbase.com/join/laube_i?src=ios-link
  3. Celsius –
  4. KuCoin – https://m.kucoin.com/
    • In development
      • Code: rJ68Z9G
  5. CashApp – https://cash.app
  6. BlockFi -https://BlockFi.com
  7. FTX US PRO – https://ftx.us/en/apps
  8. Lolli – (Bitcoin cash back on regular purchases)